Paediatrics at Burnside has several Autism SA accredited diagnosticians on our team. Each has their own style in the assessment process and, in most cases, an assessment will be conducted over several appointments. Reception staff will explain and advise in regard to making bookings.

The assessment process involves careful and detailed work by the clinician with the family and child. It also requires preparation of an extensive diagnostic report. Whether the outcome is a diagnosis of ASD or another diagnosis or no finding, clinicians will  help families with referrals for therapy and with applications for various types of funding to ensure your child receives the assistance they need.

In order for an ASD diagnosis to be recognised by Autism SA, you must have two independent diagnoses from accredited diagnosticians. These can include one each from a general paediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist, speech pathologist. An accredited assessment is very important for many children, but one careful assessment may be appropriate for some children, at least for the time being.  Discuss the situation with staff who can offer some guidance. Our Autism diagnostitians are very experienced and can also advise you about proceeding to a second assessment if you are unsure.

The ASD assessment process , and the report if that follows, will help you (and your child's wider community) to better understand your child and the way they experience and  engage with the world. Your family will gain further insight into the difficulties your child faces as well as their strengths.  Therapies and other assistance can be carefully chosen to suit your child's needs and to help strengthen  family support and connection with them. Various funding supports may be available, with the NDIS or Medicare, to help make early intervention and other therapies and other assistance financially manageable for families.

When booking, staff will explain the fees and available rebates for these assessments.


Our Autism SA Accredited Diagnosticians

Dr Brian Conway   | Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Brian Conway | Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Noha Soliman   | Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Noha Soliman | Consultant Paediatrician

Alex Cole   | Speech Pathologist

Alex Cole | Speech Pathologist