Comfortable, homely & family friendly.

Quality toys, parenting resources & books for all ages.

Nappy change facilities & disabled access.

High standards of cleanliness.

Free parking in nearby quiet streets.

Access to Burnside Hospital café and gardens.

Beautiful parks and popular shopping precincts close by.

Paediatrics at Burnside aims to support and foster your relationship and your child's relationship with your doctor or allied health professional. We help you and your provider with administration and day-to-day practice management tasks, and provide a comfortable and friendly environment for you and your family.

Our doctors and allied health team frequently collaborate and share knowledge, insight and experience in relation to the care of children and some patients share providers.,  Some families choose to make us their 'one-stop-shop whilst others seek some of their careelsewhere with our support .' This collaboration also helps our team continuously develop their skills. 

 Paediatrics at Burnside has often been described as a boutique style of practice and also a practice that cares for all the children and families seeing our practitioners.  You are able to choose a provider using the guidance of your GP and perhaps also friends who have had experience of our practice. Many families have come to us through word of mouth. We aim to look after you, making your visit enjoyable and comfortable, and supporting your relationship with your provider. We believe that if things can be done well, if your engagement with us can be easier,  then we will seek to make it so.  Our community of practitioners work together to provide back up for colleagues who are on leave. Families can be confident that they can always access assistance.

We, and our health professionals, will guide you to access only the services and reviews you need.  We know how busy families are and we know that many families will have tight budgets.

Most importantly, because we don't employ or contract our health professionals, we are able to ensure they they have complete freedom in referring you to whichever health professional/s will be able to help your child or adolescent the best. We have great confidence in all our practitioners but we also know of many excellent providers in the wider community, beyond our practice.

As a community, Paediatrics at Burnside practitioners actively build our knowledge of the best therapists in the wider communiy so that our referrals will achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Your family's health is our priority, and we will never stand in the way of that.