The fees for appointments with our doctors vary according to the nature, length and complexity of consultations. As such, staff can only provide an indication or estimate of fees, not an exact quote.

The Referral Letter & Medicare Rebates

Families will be able to claim Medicare rebates for appointments with our doctors if they have obtained a current medical referral for these appointments and provided it to us.

A referral letter from your GP is current for the 12 month time period after the referral’s first use with our doctor. Specialist doctor referrals are current for 3 months from the referral’s first use.

Our staff and doctors will be able to advise about your current referral status or advise you about the need for a new referral. Staff aim to advise families when it appears a new referral will be needed. Ultimately it is the family’s or guardian’s responsibility to obtain a valid medical referral if they wish to access applicable Medicare rebates.

Medicare is strict about referrals.  Only referrals made prior to the start of the specialist's appointment are valid.

 Where no valid referral has been provided, the appointment can still proceed and staff will be able to lodge a claim for a smaller rebate under an "unreferred” item.


The referral should, ideally, be addressed to the specialist doctor you wish to book.

GPs are often happy to re-address your referral once they know which specialist you have booked to see your child. However, Medicare rules are unclear and may allow for referral letters to be valid even when the specialist doctor is not named. Please allow our staff to guide you regarding any concerns or in any case where the referral is not directly addressed to the your booked specialist.

Valid referral letters must include the name of the GP (or other referring doctor) and their practicing address and provider number. The letter should be dated and signed by the GP and should be made before the start of the first appointment with the specialist.

Families can organise a referral up to 12 months before a scheduled appointment and this referral can be filed in your own or our records for your child until needed.

The Referral Letter should be faxed or emailed to the practice prior to or at the time of booking. This ensures that the doctor is able to review your GP’s concerns before your appointment and also allows staff to identify any problems with the referral. If not sent beforehand, the referral letter must be provided to the practice prior to the commencement of your appointment.


Any questionnaires provided to you by reception staff or doctor should be completed and returned to the practice as soon as possible before the day of your appointment. Often, the clinician may wish to read though these prior to meeting with you. We recommend returning these by hand, express or registered post or by fax or email.

What else to bring to your appointment

  • Blue Book especially if your child is under 7 or in the context of growth concerns.

  • Copies of any relevant reports, letters or assessments from other health professionals or educational institutions etc.

  • Your child! Occasionally parents request appointments without their child present. It is very often good medical practice to have your child present but it may be feasible to have your child in the waiting room for some of the appointment time, depending on age and other factors. Generally, you will only be eligible for Medicare rebates if your child attends. Sometimes parents/guardians do need to attend without their child and want to be eligible for Medicare rebates. In this case, parents may wish to discuss the suitability of obtaining their own referral with their GP and the specialist they wish to see.