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Karen McCarthy | Clinical Psychologist

BSc(Social Science), Hons (Psychology), MAPsych (Clinical)

Karen is a Clinical Psychologist and an accredited diagnostician for Autism Spectrum Disorders with Autism SA. She has worked for many years in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s Child Development Unit and combines public work with her sessions at Paediatrics at Burnside. Karen aims to provide a psychology service where children and their families feel listened to, understood and supported. Karen is dedicated to support children with additional needs arising from a variety of developmental and behavioural challenges. She has extensive experience in the assessment of children with complex medical, developmental, behavioural and emotional difficulties. She holds a particular interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Karen has a comprehensive knowledge of the range of services across health, disability and educations systems that might assist children and their families accessing appropriate supports. She seeks to continually update her knowledge and skills through professional development activities in order to provide the most advanced, internationally recognised assessment techniques and recommendations regarding evidence-based interventions. Currently Karen is only available for assessments.

For more comprehensive insight into Karen’s experience and skills please visit her website.