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Specialists in Paediatric Medicine and Allied Health:

Paediatrics at Burnside promotes your provider-patient relationships by supporting your practice with excellent administrative services and facilities.  We free you to focus your work in clinical care of your patients. 

We do not ask you to sign long-term or lock-in contracts as we are confident that you will enjoy working with us.

We strive to support a team oriented environment in which our practitioners can share their skills, experience and insight and in which a culture of mentoring is fostered. Your practice and relationships with your patients are supported and nurtured through the shared culture of your colleagues and fellows and our administrative policies.  You will be supported as an independent sole practitioner in community with other like minded health professionals.  If you choose to leave, we will be happy to support the smooth transfer of any of your patients wishing to continue with you.

The needs and well-being of each patient and their families are at the heart of all we do, as staff and clinicians, with Paediatrics at Burnside.

We are proud of the provider community working with Paediatrics at Burnside. They are committed to best outcomes and opportunities for each child and so practitioner referral decisions will reflect that commitment. When making patient referrals, you will always be free to seek the best fit for your patient's needs from both within our practice community and beyond.

Our practitioners work in comfortable, clean and very well equipped consulting rooms and enjoy high levels of support from our carefully recruited and well trained administrative team. Any of our current practitioners will be happy to speak with you about their experience.

Neonates: Our paediatricians who work in neonatal care in private hospitals benefit greatly from the collegiality and cooperation they experience and from participation in our roster for out of hours neonatal cover and urgent attendance requests. Our roster helps make this rewarding work a viable option for those with family responsibilities. We are also proud of the security and satisfaction expressed by our referring obstetricians and midwives with the roster and the high level of reliable cover we can provide. If you have or are acquiring recent neonates experience, enjoy team work in a rostered arrangement and are keen to keep babies and newborns in your practice then please arrange to speak with the practice director and with our paediatricians working in neonates. Paediatrics at Burnside has cared for an estimated 5000 neonates over the last 8 years. We can provide the administrative structure and support that allows paediatricians to enjoy and manage neonatal practice whilst keeping their professional and home life well balanced.

Medical Students: Our experienced doctors and allied health team enjoy and practice clinical teaching. They can share their clinical skill and experience and also the challenges and ups and downs of paediatric practice. A mix of clinical opportunities, contexts and practice styles will be available. Engagement in private neonates, private clinics, rural outreach and also public clinics and ward work may be available as appropriate to proactive and enthusiastic students. Placements with us also enables students to get a feel for the practicalities of private practice, equipping them with the knowledge needed to more confidently structure a satisfying and rewarding professional life when moving towards their fellowships.

Expression of interest: We welcome expressions of interest from  paediatric medical and allied health professionals and medical students who will be a good fit with our practice culture and values . You can complete  the form below to let us know of your interest  in practising with us , or having a placement, or call the rooms. Our Practice Director will be happy to answer any questions and provide further details about our services and the opportunities available to you.

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