Choosing a private hospital for delivery means choosing private care for your newborn. At or after birth, your baby will be referred to a paediatrician. This specialist doctor will check and monitor your baby's health during their stay.

Many families would like to have (or start) continuity of care with a preferred paediatrician.

You may be hoping to have the same paediatrician who cared for your previous baby, or who still cares for your children, when organising admission for the birth of a younger sibling.

Or you may be hoping to try a paediatrician who has been recommended to you by friends or family. 

Your obstetrician will be happy to organise referral to your preferred paediatrician as long as they are accredited to care for neonates at your chosen hospital and they are able to accept your baby's referral at that time.

  • Your private hospital has a number of accredited paediatricians to ensure choice and safe levels of paediatric coverage for their newborns.

  • Let your obstetrician or the midwives know your preferences regarding your paediatrician.

  • If you are having a Caesarian delivery, you can ask that your obstetrician book your preferred paediatrician for the delivery when possible.

  • If your preferred paediatrician is not available for all or part of your neonate's care, the allocated doctor will be happy to refer your baby to your preferred paediatrician, when possible, or for follow-up care.

Paediatrics at Burnside's neonatal paediatricians

Our paediatricians care for newborns at Burnside War Memorial Hospital and Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. They will visit and be on call around the clock  to supervise each baby in their care. Each paediatrician also stays in touch with the midwives about progress and any concerns and will talk with you about any issues, questions or worries. Your paediatrician will generally check your baby and their progress more thoroughly when they visit your baby after birth and then check on your baby each day of their stay in hospital. Some of these checks will probably be quite brief. In preparing for discharge, your paediatrician will aim to again check your baby thoroughly and to also respond to any questions or concerns and to discuss your baby's follow-up care.  

Your paediatrician then provides follow-up care, if needed, and offers an important review of your baby's progress at  6 to 8 weeks of age. Your baby's continuity of care is supported and our neonatal specialists can provide back-up for each other, if needed. 

the invoice for your paediatrician’s care

The invoice for your paediatrician's hospital care of your baby is posted after you go home. We include an important  package of information about your account as we know neonatal billing is a bit confusing. 

We request you pay the whole invoice amount and allow us to lodge a claim with Medicare on your behalf for any applicable Medicare rebates (standard or Safety Net) once we have receipted your payment.

Rebates are claimed and paid in one quick step normally within 24 hours of payment to greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs (your final gap). 

account settlement can be managed to avoid any difficulty

Any worries about neonatal accounts can be effectively addressed by ensuring your child is promptly enrolled with  Medicare (visiting Medicare is the quickest way to enrol your baby). We can advise on how to reduce the wait for rebates to as little as a few hours. An itemised payment plan can help keep the size of the outlay for account settlement manageable.

the invoice amount relates to the gap and to the amount of care needed in the hospital stay

The gap component of the account: The out-of-pocket cost or 'gap' (after standard Medicare rebates) is capped and relates to the nature of your paediatrician's initial attendance. The highest extra cost is incurred if your baby needs an urgent initial attendance. Planned attendance at a caesarian delivery involves more cost, and a higher gap, than for normal attendance after vaginal delivery.

The care needs of your baby: The amount of the invoice will also relate to the length of your baby's hospital stay and any extra care and supervision baby needed. However, your gap will be the same whether baby needed a lot or a little care.

Your obstetrician will have advised you generally about these fees but they will not have been included in the specific quotes provided by the hospital or your obstetrician for mother's care, as our billing is separate.

If you are planning for baby's birth, we recommend you contact our rooms  to get an understanding of paediatric billing and the out-of-pocket costs of care.

After your newborn’s arrival, we will welcome calls to clarify questions about your invoice.

Our billing policy is structured to ensure that we can continue to offer the quality care so many of our families appreciate, affordably, whilst also ensuring that costs are covered.

For parents to do as soon as possible:

1.Medicare Safety Net Scheme: Make sure your family, including your baby, is registered for this scheme.

Medicare advises if all family members are on the same Medicare card, you still need to register.  You only register once. To register your family/child for the Medicare Safety Net: Go to to download a Medicare Safety Net couples and families registration and amendment form,

or call the Medicare general enquiries line.

2. Medicare for baby: Enrol your newborn as soon as possible, preferably in the first week, after birth by:

  • Lodging forms - it can take a number of weeks to process the forms given to you in hospital.

  • Visiting your nearest Medicare - take the Newborn Declaration or Birth Certificate and obtain a temporary new Medicare card and baby's enrolment at the counter.

  • Using your myGov account

For more information go to:

Access to Medicare rebates will make all the difference in managing  payment of your neonatal care invoice.

3. Private Health Fund cover for newborn: notify your fund, ideally in baby's first week.

This is especially important if your baby was admitted to the hospital nursery during their stay.

4. Complete our Newborn Registration Form: If your newborn has been referred to one of our paediatricians. 


Our Paediatricians Offering Newborn Care in Hospital

Photo by Chris Ryan/OJO Images / Getty Images
Dr Brian Conway  | Consultant Paediatrician  Burnside Hospital (occasionally at Calvary and Ashford Hospitals)

Dr Brian Conway | Consultant Paediatrician

Burnside Hospital (occasionally at Calvary and Ashford Hospitals)

Dr Kavita Rasiah  | Consultant Paediatrician  Burnside Hospital

Dr Kavita Rasiah | Consultant Paediatrician

Burnside Hospital

Dr Thu Kent  | Consultant Paediatrician  Burnside Hospital & Calvary North Adelaide Hospital

Dr Thu Kent | Consultant Paediatrician

Burnside Hospital & Calvary North Adelaide Hospital

A/Prof Ross Haslam AO  | Neonatal Paediatrician  Burnside Hospital (occasionally at Calvary Hospital)

A/Prof Ross Haslam AO | Neonatal Paediatrician

Burnside Hospital (occasionally at Calvary Hospital)

also Dr Marianne Yanni -Consultant Paediatrician

Burnside Hospital and Calvary North Adelaide Hospital