Employable Me is back with a second series!

Source: Australian Broadcasting Commission

The second series of Employable Me will premiere on ABC TV and iView on Tuesday 9 April at 8.30pm.

This uplifting, warm, and insightful series sees experts and job coaches highlight the skills and talents of people with disabilities, helping them find jobs that can harness their strengths. (ABC iView)

We loved the first season of Employable Me, and it’s still available on iView for you to catch up! This delightful (sometimes sad) 3 part program introduced us to around 10 impressive mostly young adults aspiring to independence, a place in the world, the ability to contribute and particularly a job. But their quest is complicated by their disability.  Most of these exceptional people have autism, one lives with Tourettes and another navigates life with Fragile X. Also exceptional are the family, support people, researchers and the employers who recognise the unique value of these job seekers. Gentle humour and great sympathy set the tone.