World Down Syndrome Day 2019

On March 21 we’re celebrating World Down Syndrome Day! This year’s theme is ‘Leave No One Behind,’ which draws attention to the need for all people with Down Syndrome to be given all the opportunities that enable them to feel included in their communities and feel fulfilled.

We don’t have so many reasons to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

When all of us - not only a few of us - have more opportunities at school, more opportunities in our communities, more opportunities at work, then, we’ll have plenty of reasons to celebrate this day.


World Down Syndrome Day have also created a YouTube Playlist of an amazing collection of short video stories about young and older people living with Down Syndrome from around the world.

The ABC did a lovely interview with Australian Mum about her youngest daughter and her extraordinary place in their family.  She talks about her experience of how she came to be diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome and some of the language chosen in that process that she would like to see reconsidered - listen here.

Finally, Down Syndrome Australia has some great resources, including some very practical toolkits for how to include people with Down Syndrome in the community - check out the Community Inclusion resources here.