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Meet our Team

Our team at Paediatrics at Burnside includes general paediatricians with a range of special interests, and allied health professionals such as speech pathologists, dietitians and occupational therapists. These practitioners draw from extensive training and years of experience, in both public and private settings.


Our Location

Burnside War Memorial Hospital, 120 Kensington Road

Toorak Gardens, South Australia, 5065

Paediatrics at Burnside is located on the south-east side of Burnside War Memorial Hospital. Enter our rooms from Moore St, just up from the corner of Moore St and Hewitt Ave. 

Look for the ‘blue wall,’ next to the front entrance of our practice.

Free parking is generally easy to find nearby in the surrounding streets.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday

Consultations generally from 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Reception staff available 8:30AM – 6:00PM


Some Saturday morning clinics available (note: higher fees may apply)

Closed Some days over Christmas & New Year period and first week of January.


Urgent appointments, Emergencies & Out of Hours:

Paediatrics at Burnside is not an emergency facility.

Page 61 of your Blue Book lists some signs of  health problems warranting medical assessment. 

Your paediatrician or another paediatrician in our practice may be able to fit you in within a day or so  for an urgent appointment.

We may also recommend that you see your GP  who is often  better able to fit urgent appointment into their bookings. Your GP is well equipped and trained to make good assessments about the urgency or seriousness of a presentation. Your GP will be able to advise your paediatrician of any concerns and may begin some investigations. Your GP can often provide some reassurance until you can see the paediatrician.

A seriously unwell child should be taken to Women’s & Children’s Hospital Emergency Department (WCH ED). At the ED, a very sick child can get skilled and experienced assessment and access to all the  tests and scans that may be needed. 

Your GP or the ED doctors will write or speak to  your paediatrician, updating them about the situation. They may recommend, or you may wish to make, an appointment with your paediatrician.   Our staff are understanding and will do their best to organise a timely review appointment with your paediatrician.

Contacting Us

Phone: (08) 8332 3778

Fax: (08) 8332 3978

Privacy considerations:

Your privacy is very important to us. Any personal health or other information of a private nature that is conveyed to us will be received and managed according to our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read our policy before providing this private information to us. Please ensure that you avoid using our email or our contact form to  submit sensitive, confidential and/or clinical information . Instead, speak to a staff member or your doctor or allied health provider to convey any important information that would be subject to privacy law.

Contacting us by phone: Paediatrics at Burnside is a busy practice and we know you are busy too. We avoid routinely putting callers on hold and ask that you leave a detailed message on our answering machine if we are not able to answer your call. We will get back to you as soon as we can.  Please bear in mind that sometimes messages are not recorded well. You are very welcome to call us again to follow up, particularly for more pressing concerns or when you have not had a response within 24 hours.

Contacting us with email: We aim to respond to emails promptly but please follow up with a phone call for pressing concerns or if you have not heard back from us. This is particularly helpful in the event that your email has gone into our junk mail.

Messages or questions for our providers-how we manage these:

We do not provide direct contact details for any of our practitioners. Reception staff can often be helpful with patient queries and  will pass on any messages needing the attention of  your practitioner.

If reception is unable to deal with the request, your message or question will normally be relayed to your provider. (If away, it may be referred to another doctor in the practice depending on urgency). Normally, these messages, requests and queries are placed into the providers’ task lists in their practice software . If staff believe the matter may be urgent, additional steps will be taken to alert the provider to the matter more quickly. Our providers use their training and experience to identify any matter needing a more urgent response and will, if reasonably possible, act on the matter in accordance with their assessment of its urgency. Providers may then wait to respond to less urgent matters until a later time which they have scheduled for addressing such clinical matters. As in all aspects of their practice, and where possible, they will act in a timely way in accordance with their professional judgement.Our practitioners are very generous with their time and and conscientious about the care they provide but we ask to families to keep in mind their heavy workloads.

Phone conversations, emails and text messages about clinical matters, including completion of forms: Phone, email and sms have their uses, but are mostly not sufficient to enable doctors to provide professional medical opinions or assistance regarding a child. Generally, if a medical opinion or assistance is sought, we recommend making an appointment.

Urgent requests: Our providers are not able to offer emergency services or guarantee urgent responses, whether in appointments or via phone, email or text. Whilst they will always do what they can, within the constraints of their patient loads and other commitments, families may be asked to consider seeing their GP or visiting the Emergency Department if the matter appears urgent.

Text messages/SMS: Families should not use this format to relay questions or information about their appointment or especially about clinical matters. The practice and its providers do not converse with families on this format. SMS replies do not form part of the clinician’s files. The practice uses this system for simple messages about appointments. Any responses we request will be very simple so that we can be aware the message has been received. Occasionally a brief and simple message may be relayed to a parent where the provider or practice staff regard the clinical question as warranting this response. Any reply requiring our attention or response should be directed via phone or email.

Dr Conway’s email: Families who see Dr Conway are able to email through their questions, concerns and observations.  We strongly recommend  families also call reception about their email, especially if the matter is pressing.



Request an appointment online

or call us on 8332 3778

If you are seeking an urgent appointment, please phone us.

For emergencies, please phone your GP

or go to your local emergency department.


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